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Published on: 
13 April 2015
The competition is taking place in Guatemala where over 500 young football players will compete. Over 30 countries from all... Read more
Published on: 
16 April 2015
Could you tell us how the ISF Championship is preparing? Where the competition will take place ? How many teams ? Countries... Read more
Published on: 
17 April 2015
Hello Marcin, please could you tell us how the ISF Championship is preparing? Everything will be ok because we have heard... Read more
Published on: 
20 April 2015
“Heartbeat of the ISF: World Schools Championships are currently taking place in differents countries on the planet. Follow... Read more
Published on: 
23 April 2015
The organization of the 24th ISF Football World Schools Championships was run by the General Directorate of Physical... Read more
Published on: 
27 April 2015
The 11th ISF Swim Cup World Schools Championship was held in an amazing new swimming complex (2013) of Poznan, Poland with... Read more
Published on: 
29 April 2015
The famous Palais Beaublanc hosted the beginning and the closing Ceremonies of the 23rd ISF Basketball World Schools... Read more
Published on: 
29 May 2015
When: Saturday May 30 & Sunday May 31 Competition Times: 08:00 am – 02:00 pm Where: Versailles, Pièce des d’eaux des... Read more
Published on: 
04 June 2015
How many countries are you expecting? So far 11 countries have confirmed their participation. The following countries... Read more
Published on: 
15 June 2015
The WSC has started and do not miss any of the results, pictures, videos here and here SUNDAY– 14/06/2015 09:00/11:00 –... Read more


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