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Published on: 
19 May 2017
From 21 st May to 29th May 2017, Prague, the capital of Czech Republic, hosted one of the biggest sports events for young... Read more
Published on: 
03 March 2017
Published on: 
28 February 2017
Published on: 
08 February 2017
On February 9 one of the most important youth football tournament worldwide, the Jeem Cup, will kick off in Doha, Qatar. The... Read more
Published on: 
12 February 2015
Football is played all over the world, in almost every school it´s a basic sport for boys, and also girls’ football is... Read more
Published on: 
06 April 2015
Hello Carlos, why did you choose football? Is this a popular sport in Guatemala as in Brazil ? It was a project of the... Read more
Published on: 
13 April 2015
The competition is taking place in Guatemala where over 500 young football players will compete. Over 30 countries from all... Read more
Published on: 
23 April 2015
The organization of the 24th ISF Football World Schools Championships was run by the General Directorate of Physical... Read more


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