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Published on: 
19 October 2014
An unforgettable and phenomenal Gymnasiade! Look back at the major event of ISF Memories, discoveries, exchanges, tears and... Read more
Published on: 
23 February 2015
On 3 rd and 4 th February the ISF President Laurent Petrynka and ISF Secretary General Jan Coolen made a preliminary... Read more
Published on: 
20 April 2016
At the next General Assembly, the organisational cycle of the Gymnasiade will be discussed among the members, thus giving... Read more
Published on: 
18 May 2016
On 13 th May 2016, Under the new governance of the Turkish School Sport Federation (TOSF) the new President Ömür... Read more
Published on: 
19 May 2016
During the 22 nd ISF General Assembly , one of the important highlight has been the reestablishment of a 2 years cycle for... Read more
Published on: 
09 July 2016
From July 11th to 18th 2016, after hosting First Edition of the 2007 Black Sea Games and the 2011 European Youth Summer... Read more
Published on: 
10 July 2016
Trabzon - Unlike the athletes, they don’t stand in the shiny spotlight. Yet they are an important part of the 16th ISF... Read more
Published on: 
11 July 2016
Trabzon - As the countdown of the Gymnasiade 2016 came to one day, the athletes started to arrive and settle in the city of... Read more


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