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Trabzon – They are young and beautiful. They are also stronger and tougher that they might appear. Let us introduce you the girls... Read more
Trabzon – ISF Gymnasiade 2016 is not only about sport, but also about creating new friendships, gaining new experiences and... Read more
Trabzon – The first day of the 16 th ISF Gymnasiade 2016 was ended with Opening Ceremony. The festive celebration of school sport... Read more
Trabzon – The first day of Gymnasiade 2016 is on. The Karate game has already started, but most of the disciplines are having a... Read more
Trabzon - As the countdown of the Gymnasiade 2016 came to one day, the athletes started to arrive and settle in the city of... Read more
Trabzon - Unlike the athletes, they don’t stand in the shiny spotlight. Yet they are an important part of the 16th ISF Gymnasiade... Read more
From July 11th to 18th 2016, after hosting First Edition of the 2007 Black Sea Games and the 2011 European Youth Summer Olympic... Read more
“The winner is and always will be volleyball” Nenad Golijanin From 25 th June to 03 rd July, Belgrade will bear the colors of... Read more
During the 22 nd ISF General Assembly , one of the important highlight has been the reestablishment of a 2 years cycle for the... Read more
On 13 th May 2016, Under the new governance of the Turkish School Sport Federation (TOSF) the new President Ömür Karakullukçu of... Read more
The Educational Games were staged for the third time – over the last week of April. Indeed, the Educational Games concluded as... Read more
Find out all the results here concerning the last ISF World Schools Championship Cross-Country 2016 organised in Budapest,... Read more
Introduction Founded in 1973 in Beijing, the China School Sports Federation (CSSF) is the national school sports federation under... Read more