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The European School Sport Day(r) (ESSD) is a school day dedicated to have fun, to play together, to promote physical activity and health for everyone. It is a celebration which provides the opportunity for schools to:

  • Raise the profile of physical education (PE) and sport in schools
  • Create fun and enjoyment through physical activity for young people
  • Promote health and wellbeing for lifelong learning
  • Empower social inclusion and develop social competence amongst students.

The consortium partners include the following organisations : HSSF - Hungarian School Sport FederationISCA  - International Sport and Culture AssociationEUPEAV4 Sport FoundationBG BE Active AssociationYouth Sport Trust and the International School Sport Federation (ISF).

 As the official partner of the European Week of Sport (organised by the European Commission) for the Education theme, the ISF commits strongly to promote the European School Sport Day(r) by spreading it among the European ISF members.

All information about the programme and registration for the European School Sport Day 2017 :